BORQS- Google Partnership on GMS

  • Borqs has extensive experience working with Google on Android since 2007, being one of the early partners to get access to Android Source code
  • Borqs is signatory to the MADA agreement for a number of years and we work very closely with Google in getting all our Android based devices approved and certified by Google
  • Borqs is a Google certified ODM partner for GMS services. Google has shown confidence in Borqs and has renewed the MADA partnership after extensive evaluation done in 2017
  • Borqs device portfolio is 100% CTS compliant. Our smartphones and tablets integrate GMS suite of applications for the Global market
  • OEMs can substantially leverage Borqs as ODM partner for its extensive strengths in Hardware engineering and Software Excellence in Android Software, Certification of products and leverage our partnership with Google

Android and GMS Software

  • Experience with Google Security patch releases: BORQS has been providing upgrade to device software integrating Google released security patches. Borqs closely works with chipset vendors to ensure integrity of the Security patches
  • Google OTA solution experience: BORQS has been at the forefront in evaluating and integrating GOTA solution and does actively promote the same to its OEM customers. Borqs supports bug fixes, security patches and OS upgrades based on OEM requirements
  • Google Play Auto Install experience: BORQS has been at the forefront in evaluating and integrating to Google preferred solution. This helps the OEM to limit the number of pre-loads
  • GMS certification experience: BORQS strictly mandates CTS compliance during development phases for each of its product by ensuring continuous execution of CTS and CTS verifier including adherence to Android CDD. With our rich experience, we help in reducing the cycle time of getting GMS approval for the device
  • Customization level over AOSP: BORQS 300+ strong SW engineering teams continuously develop and enhance BORQSWare, which are customizations to AOSP across various operator packages to meet operator compliance and device-experience enhancing features across applications such as camera, video, gallery, launcher, messaging, telephony etc, however the same is done following Android customization guidelines including submitting for CTS compliance.

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