BORQS is a leading force in developing open source application software for the mobile Internet. We are a young and dynamic company with the explicit goal of becoming the smartest, fastest, and most agile company in the mobile internet industry


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We are also partnered with some of the world’s top R&D teams, and our clients are some of the most influential players in their respective industries worldwide. This network is just part of the reason that we can offer our employees diverse, stimulating career opportunities that make BORQS one of the leading companies in the industry for employee growth. We aim to fully leverage our staff’s potential, creating ample space for today’s top talents to develop and thrive.

Our company culture is founded on Passion, Innovation, and Detail. We value employees who have the Passion to help us fulfill and exceed our commitments to our customers, shareholders and society. BORQS employees are Innovative in their thinking and are expected to work in inventive ways to make a difference in the world. A relentless focus on Detail-oriented execution from every employee has put BORQS on top and will continue to do so. Beyond these pillars, we expect every BORQSer to evince four core competencies - Integrity, Accountability, Creativity and a Can-do Mentality.

We enthusiastically welcome each and every prospective member of the BORQS team who shares our vision and values to join us in building a better future both for our company and for the world.